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TOP 50  Albums by your Hits
# Albums Your Hits
Videos By Naghma 141484 
After Love By Valy 112134 
Awaleen Dedar By Jawid Sharif 109742 
For My People By Habib Qaderi 104836 
Videos By Shabnam Soraya 102111 
Live In Kabul By Manija 100829 
Mix By Shabnam Soraya 94132 
Mix By Mozhdah 93332 
This is Life By Amir Jan Sabori 79608 
10  Ha By Farhad Darya 78812 
11  Mix Party By Mix 78295 
12  O Khoda Jan By Naghma 73187 
13  Dance Night By Jawid Sharif 71810 
14  Videos By Shekeb Osmani 70546 
15  Manifest By Googoosh 68692 
16  Ba Dastay Yaar Video By Rameen Sharif And Omar Sharif 68440 
17  Dance Party 2 By Aria Band 67253 
18  Chai Chelam By Tawab Arash 67067 
19  Jigaram By Nazir Khara And Ghezal 66083 
20  Marjan By Hafiz And Devyani Ali 65189 
21  Dance Party By Aria Band 64906 
22  Closer By Habib Qaderi 63780 
23  Party By Najib Haqparast 61804 
24  Majlesee By Ahmad Zahir 61048 
25  Kankaash By Jawid Sharif 60117 
26  Mother By Manija 59958 
27  Kammy Mix By Kammy Kam 59760 
28  Videos By Arash Howaida 58707 
29  Mix Dance Party 3 By Mix 58362 
30  Videos By Nashenas 58351 
31  Mast Mast By AhmadShah Noori 57555 
32  Morade Del By Haider Saleem 57516 
33  Jawid Sharif Videos By Jawid Sharif 56702 
34  Videos By Hangama 55810 
35  Taqdeer By Haider Saleem 55720 
36  Shamali By Ahmad Zahir 55265 
37  Ahena By Taranasaz 54111 
38  Kahkashaan CD1 By Jawid Sharif 54003 
39  Naaz By Najim 53789 
40  Dokane Rang By Zahir Howaida 53100 
41  Videos By Valy 52894 
42  Mirawam Aakher By Tahir Shubab 52771 
43  Salam Afghanistan Video By Farhad Darya 52074 
44  Sorodi Shab By Haider Saleem 51790 
45  Marghalary By Abidulah Kandahari 51403 
46  Shekast Shab By Hangama 50594 
47  Majlisee By Saraban 50544 
48  Golden Hits 1 By Googoosh 49541 
49  Mix Majlesee By Ahmad Zahir 49305 
50  Zahir Howaida Videos By Zahir Howaida 48592 
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