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Abidulah Kandahari [Rate Me] Hits:114632
Ahmad Naseer And Freshta [Rate Me] Hits:42240
Ahmad Nazir [Rate Me] Hits:58693
Ahmad Parwiz [Rate Me] Hits:37508
Ahmad Sha [Rate Me] Hits:39923
Ahmad Tahir [Rate Me] Hits:56069
Ahmad Wali [Rate Me] Hits:156042
Ahmad Wali And Hangama [Rate Me] Hits:71045
Ahmad Walid [Rate Me] Hits:45976
Ahmad Zahir [Rate Me] Hits:306473
AhmadShah Noori [Rate Me] Hits:172738
Akbar Nikzad [Rate Me] Hits:60000
Akhtar Shoukat [Rate Me] Hits:34589
Ali Etemadi [Rate Me] Hits:55875
Amir Jan Sabori [Rate Me] Hits:125946
Arash Howaida [Rate Me] Hits:72845
Aref Kayhan [Rate Me] Hits:55528
Aria Band [Rate Me] Hits:141104
Aris Parwiz [Rate Me] Hits:69981
Asad Badie [Rate Me] Hits:75615
Asad Mehak [Rate Me] Hits:32495
Belqiss Younusi [Rate Me] Hits:46040
Dawood Habibi [Rate Me] Hits:50651
Dawood Sarkhosh [Rate Me] Hits:109121
Dawoud Eqbal [Rate Me] Hits:34606
Devyani And Hafiz Ali [Rate Me] Hits:44568
Dilagha Qarabaghi And Hassan Besmel [Rate Me] Hits:53287
Dina Dilahang And Wali Dilahang [Rate Me] Hits:34138
Ehsan Aman [Rate Me] Hits:117026
Faiz Karizi [Rate Me] Hits:113320
Faiz Qaderi [Rate Me] Hits:46315
Fardin Faryad [Rate Me] Hits:85199
Farhad Darya [Rate Me] Hits:198303
Farhad Ghafoor [Rate Me] Hits:33746
Farid Samim [Rate Me] Hits:35163
Fawad Ramez [Rate Me] Hits:81884
Fawad Saghar [Rate Me] Hits:51638
Googoosh [Rate Me] Hits:140746
Gorohee Baran [Rate Me] Hits:37447
Gorohee Guli Sorkh [Rate Me] Hits:32484
Habib Qaderi [Rate Me] Hits:218950
Hafiz And Devyani Ali [Rate Me] Hits:53734
Haidari Brothers [Rate Me] Hits:32617
Haider Saleem [Rate Me] Hits:148435
Hamid Rahimi [Rate Me] Hits:73272
Hangama [Rate Me] Hits:337325
Haroon Norzad [Rate Me] Hits:48771
Haroon Qayel [Rate Me] Hits:39856
Hashmat Ehsanmand [Rate Me] Hits:93269
Hasib [Rate Me] Hits:36609
Jagjit Singh [Rate Me] Hits:70801
Jawad Ghaziyar [Rate Me] Hits:52393
Jawid Sharif [Rate Me] Hits:272365
Kammy Kam [Rate Me] Hits:57164
Kamran [Rate Me] Hits:36577
Khair Mahmmad Khandan [Rate Me] Hits:31199
Khalid Nasiri [Rate Me] Hits:38552
Khalil Ragheb [Rate Me] Hits:40444
Khaliq Aziz [Rate Me] Hits:48021
Larmal Wasiq [Rate Me] Hits:25757
Madadi [Rate Me] Hits:66768
Mahbobula Mahbob [Rate Me] Hits:37333
Mahmood Kamen [Rate Me] Hits:54686
Majid Ahsan [Rate Me] Hits:33052
Mamoon [Rate Me] Hits:60314
Manija [Rate Me] Hits:135568
Maria Ayar [Rate Me] Hits:36012
Mariam [Rate Me] Hits:45530
Matin [Rate Me] Hits:45739
Mir Wais Yousufzai [Rate Me] Hits:35382
Mirwais And Bareq [Rate Me] Hits:30325
Mix [Rate Me] Hits:72684
Mozhdah [Rate Me] Hits:91280
Mustafa Jalali [Rate Me] Hits:74611
Naghma [Rate Me] Hits:316344
Naim Amiri [Rate Me] Hits:36975
Naim Popal [Rate Me] Hits:93690
Nainawaz [Rate Me] Hits:59781
Najib Haqparast [Rate Me] Hits:98369
Najim [Rate Me] Hits:79194
Najim And Hangama [Rate Me] Hits:33395
Najim Nekzad [Rate Me] Hits:39363
Naseer Ahmad And Ferishta [Rate Me] Hits:34800
Nashenas [Rate Me] Hits:177824
Nasim Noor [Rate Me] Hits:32603
Nasrat Parsa [Rate Me] Hits:97498
Nawid Sahel [Rate Me] Hits:77838
Nazir Khara And Ghezal [Rate Me] Hits:44018
Obaid Juenda [Rate Me] Hits:69825
Omar Nezami [Rate Me] Hits:37926
Parasto [Rate Me] Hits:82831
Parisa Morsal [Rate Me] Hits:45227
Qader Eshpari [Rate Me] Hits:94424
Qais Ulfat [Rate Me] Hits:44874
Rahim Jahani [Rate Me] Hits:41667
Rahim Shah And Zeek Afridi [Rate Me] Hits:59133
Rahmat Khan Haidari [Rate Me] Hits:54634
Raim Meryar [Rate Me] Hits:39059
Rameen Sharif And Omar Sharif [Rate Me] Hits:90450
RAP-Dj-Besho [Rate Me] Hits:43562
Rashed Ariapur [Rate Me] Hits:31269
Rouhullah Fayaz [Rate Me] Hits:27898
Said Omar [Rate Me] Hits:103293
Sajia [Rate Me] Hits:42211
Salma [Rate Me] Hits:46443
Salma And Haider Saleem [Rate Me] Hits:39173
Salma And Rahim Jahani [Rate Me] Hits:49309
Saraban [Rate Me] Hits:151621
Sediq Shubab [Rate Me] Hits:113483
Sediq Yaqub [Rate Me] Hits:44558
Shabnam Soraya [Rate Me] Hits:200434
Shadkam [Rate Me] Hits:53074
Shafiq Shamel [Rate Me] Hits:48574
Shahla Zaland [Rate Me] Hits:36537
Shahna [Rate Me] Hits:39958
Shamsodin Masroor [Rate Me] Hits:31016
Shareef Didar [Rate Me] Hits:52181
Shekeb Osmani [Rate Me] Hits:86263
Showwkat [Rate Me] Hits:43409
Sitara [Rate Me] Hits:42064
Soheyla Zaland [Rate Me] Hits:38387
Tahir Shubab [Rate Me] Hits:81751
Taranasaz [Rate Me] Hits:57118
Tawab Arash [Rate Me] Hits:100882
Timor Jalali [Rate Me] Hits:53535
Ustad Awalmir [Rate Me] Hits:51618
Ustad Khyal [Rate Me] Hits:32467
Ustad Mahwash [Rate Me] Hits:61619
Ustad Mahwash And Wahid Qasimi [Rate Me] Hits:35128
Ustad Nato [Rate Me] Hits:28652
Ustad Qasim And Brishna [Rate Me] Hits:34540
Ustad Rahim Bakhsh [Rate Me] Hits:83223
Ustad Sarahang [Rate Me] Hits:65004
Ustad Ulfat Ahang [Rate Me] Hits:31448
Ustad Zaland And Ahmad Wali [Rate Me] Hits:44423
Valy [Rate Me] Hits:210302
Wahed Wafa [Rate Me] Hits:41187
Wahed Wahedi [Rate Me] Hits:28222
Waheed Soroor [Rate Me] Hits:71701
Wahid Qasimi [Rate Me] Hits:92362
Wahid Saberi [Rate Me] Hits:56177
Wahid Zaland [Rate Me] Hits:37320
Wajhea And Farid Rastagar [Rate Me] Hits:73981
Wali Azami [Rate Me] Hits:39305
Walid Hamraaz [Rate Me] Hits:59042
Walid Soroor [Rate Me] Hits:54403
Yama Lodin [Rate Me] Hits:29863
Zafar Shamel [Rate Me] Hits:80381
Zahir Howaida [Rate Me] Hits:131664
Zarif Yasufi [Rate Me] Hits:31768
Zeb and Haniya [Rate Me] Hits:17156
Zekria [Rate Me] Hits:33319
Zia Saraaj [Rate Me] Hits:37745
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